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Please be aware that SMDR+ is developed in the spare time of Steve Baxter and as such, updates may take time to be released. Using SMDR+ shows acceptance of the End User License Agreement(EULA), a copy of this EULA can be found in the User Guide included in the download. If you wish to discuss the software or have a question, please feel free to visit the forums via the menu button above.

Important! - You will require MySQL Server 5.1 installed to use SMDR+. Please read the enclosed User Guide with care before installation.

It should be noted that SMDR+ should NOT be installed onto a production server wherever possible to minimise the risk of interfering with business operations.

Windows Version:
Windows XP, 2003, 2008 & 7 (32bit only)

To download this product now, select a download site from the list below:
Download here (Version 1.16)

User Guides

Installing MySQL Server 5.1
Using Asterisk With SMDR+
Configuring Listener Collection
Configuring Importer Collection
SMDR+ User Guide
SMDR Settings - Mitel 3300

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